Mom life

A cool mom

Today, I got to be the cool mom.

You know the one.

The one that can make her kids smile and laugh and has such an easy way about her and you secretly envy her effortless awesomeness. I was her. I feel like typically, I get so in the routine of what needs to be done and keeping it all together that sometimes I forget to break the rules.

And sometimes rules need to be broken.

After a very full day of swimming, visiting with family we haven’t seen in a very long time and a trip to the playground, my kids were frankly, exhausted. They had rode home with my dad in his truck and my mom and I walked the trail home to get in a little bit more of a workout. While we were walking, I said to my mom “when we get home we should just jump in the pool, clothes and all”.

We could hear the kids laughing and squealing with papa in the back yard and we ran down the hill to the back yard, straight past the kids and did the best cannonball into the pool that I possibly could. As I popped up, my kids stood frozen in shock of what their mom had just done. Rowan, who’s 2 said, “I go swimming?”, so I said of course and he and Kinsley jumped in with their clothes on to.

For the next 10 minutes we laughed and were carefree swimming with our clothes on. Today, be the mom you envy. Jump in the pool. Take them for ice cream as soon as it opens. Squeal with laughter as you go down the bounce house slide with them. It is summer after all!

What have you done this summer that your kids keep telling you was AWESOME?!?