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DIY bandana bib

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share with you, my very first sewing tutorial. I have been looking for easier things to sew, as I am a beginner myself and I stumbled upon a super cute bandana bib that I just HAD to make 🙂 and mamas … these bandana bibs are no joke. Now, I thought they were just trendy, adorable looking bibs. Oh, no that’s not all. These things protect even the chubbiest of babes necks and keep them clean and dry. A must for every baby, that’s for sure!



First step is to create your template. To be honest I kind of just drew on paper what I thought it would look like. Through trial and error (and with the help of my mother in law) I found that it was easiest to fold my cardstock in half and just draw the one side, almost as if you are drawing a heart, but make sure the “wings” of the bandana bib are longer. So a funky, lanky looking heart 😉

& when you open it, your template should look like this!

HELPFUL HINT: Do NOT use fluorescent pink and yellow cardstock. I may or may not have been blinded by it in the process!!

Alright your template is complete, now on to step two. Take your two pieces of fabric, make sure the pattern is facing down and start tracing your bandana bib template onto each piece of fabric.


Once you have finished tracing each piece of fabric, cut them out. Make sure to cut a little further outside of the line, so you are able to use your line as a guide when sewing.

Now, you should have two bandana bib looking pieces of fabric. You will need to put them together with the outside of the fabrics facing in (The chalk lines that you traced should be facing out). Pin the two pieces of fabric together.

*helpful hint :  In the curve of the bandana bib you are going to want to leave a 3″-4″ hole so you can turn your fabric inside out. I put two lines on the bib where I want to stop sewing!


Yay! If you have gotten this far you are ready to sew! start at your first marked line on the curve of your bib.

Now just sew up your bandana bib until you reach the other line. Take the pins out and turn that bib inside out! Carefully push the insides out as much as they go, a popsicle stick may be helpful when trying to get all of the fabric as pushed out as possible. Once you have the fabric where you want it to be place pins on the part of the fabric that you left open, making sure to fold the sides in just a bit (this will ensure the bib stays in place once you sew the top layer. Iron the bib. Now you are ready for your top stitch.


Start again in the curve of the bib and sew all the way around. This part is a little more tricky because you have to stay closer to the edge of the bib. Practice makes perfect right?!

There you go, the sewing part is finished!! Now on to the final touches. Grab your snap fastener pliers and attach the snaps inside. Squeeze the pliers together, with the fabric in between and fasten your snaps. When fastening the snaps you are going to want to make sure that you are fastening them on the opposite sides of each other … meaning, one side will have the stud part of the snap on the top part of the bib and the other side will have the socket part of the snap on the bottom of the bib.

and VOILA!!! you have completed your bandana bib! Honestly, this tutorial took me WAY longer than the whole bib making process. They are so fun to make and you come out with a beautiful result. You choose the fabrics you want and can completely make this your own. Now, If you are not ready to take on this DIY quite yet, you can purchase here … we are accepting custom orders! 🙂

I hope you all get to try this out and I would love to see your finished products!