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Funway Playground – Londonderry NH

Another week, another playground!

This time we have visited it 3 times in one week!  That is when you know you have found the jackpot!  You really have to know what you’re looking for when going to Funland playground because it sits back off of the road in Londonderry, NH.  It shares a parking lot with the local high schools athletic fields but has several reserved parking spaces specifically for this playground.

One of my favorite things about this playground is that there is a long(ish) sidewalk that wraps around the tennis court and then BOOM!  It opens into one of the best designed playgrounds we have gone to. There is a smaller climbing play set with several slides, a cow bell and tunnel that is geared for kids 1-4 years old.

There is a nice swing set with 2 infant seats and 3 big kid seats.  Right in the middle of this playground there are two of the spring rocker seats.  Sorry that I do not have a better name for them.  There is also a 4 seater see-saw type ride as well.  Or kids really loved being able to all hop on and make it go!

At the back of the fenced in playground there is a climbing structure that is geared for probably 3+ but our two year olds are able to play on it as well.  There are a couple of parts that are off limits to them just because their limbs are not quite long enough yet.  This one also boasts the best slide we have ever come across and Lauren and I love it about as much as the kids.  It is a slide made of tons of rollers and so the kids really enjoy going down after one of us moms do because the rollers go faster.

The fan favorite for the girls are two wonky spinning chairs.  They spent the better half of an hour twirling and falling and doing it all over again.  Lauren and I could not get enough of the high pitched squeals and giggles.  Please refer to a post earlier this week, on our Instagram, to see Kinsley completely wipe out if you’re in need of a good laugh.

This has easily become one of our go-to places and we cannot wait to find and share more with you!