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Life’s a beach, roll with it


There are so many things that come to mind when I hear this word. I think of the men and women that sacrifice themselves to protect this great nation. I think of the men and women that run into burning buildings as everyone else is running out. I think of the men and women that run towards an active shooter rather than waiting for it to end. But me, I do not think of myself as brave.

Cozi Family Organizer

Today, Lauren and I, and our brood of four (plus one, because Lauren watches an adorable little girl that is along for the crazy ride, most days) had a beach day. We loaded up in Lauren’s Honda Odyssey with about 8 bags of toys, food, extra clothes, shade tent, etc. and were on our way. We arrived at the beach and all of our eager little helpers grabbed a bag and we were early enough to have our pick of locations. So, after finding prime real estate and setting up, basically the best beach set up ever, our kids were ready to hit that nice, refreshing 50* water. The water was so cold it literally hurt. You would have thought our kids were playing in bath water though, the way they were in and out of the water.

We built sand castles, found rocks and shells, ran in and out of the water a billion times, went through about 5 bottles of sunscreen and had a picnic. Now, having little ones requires you to be constantly on, so going with a friend really helps. For once though, all of the kids were amazing. Which, coming from me means a lot, because there are days (if I am being honest, its most days) that I would give my kids away. Just kidding, sort of. But today, was not one of those days. The only fighting that occurred was because Rowan, the snack hoarder, would not share a bag of chips with Colton. So really, this was a win for sure.

As we packed up from our pretty perfect day and walked to the car with our little marching line, several people made comments about having our hands full. However, one comment in particular stood out to me. A woman, who was there with her husband and two boys said “wow, you guys are brave”. Now, Lauren and I are the same in that we like to get out of the house, so taking our kids places is just how we do life. But it made me think, are we not the norm? Is it strange to see two moms at the beach or out and about with their kids without a partner or spouse there to help? And it isn’t like we were there with 10 kids, we had 5 between the two of us. Who knows, maybe I am reading way too much into this, but nothing about what we were doing today made me feel brave, just that I was creating a memory for my kids, you know, we roll with it & go with the flow . I always just thought this was Mom life, but maybe there are more people out there than I realized that struggle to go out with their kids solo. If you are one of those parents, I encourage you to try. Get out of your comfort zone because some truly incredible things can happen when you spend that one on one time with your kiddos. And if you’re not totally comfortable going on your own, grab a friend and make some memories.

Life’s a beach, roll with it … You’ve got this!

P.S. If you have read our post about fun play dates, we can honestly say, it’s a beach day. You’re welcome.

Later Y’all,