Mom life

The pressure is real

One of the worst feelings in the world is something happening to your child.  In front of you, no less.

This is hopefully one of the hardest blogs I will write. I debated on sharing it, but I felt like I would be doing a disservice if I did not share.  It is so easy to watch Instagram stories and look at pictures when almost every picture looks like a good day.  But in reality, there are plenty of scrapes and meltdowns and bruises that don’t get documented because, kisses and snuggles are taking place. The pressure of mom life is so real and it is excruciating for any parent to watch their child navigate this world knowing that there will be accidents and bumps along the way.

For us, yesterday was that day.

I took my kids to our neighbors house to join them for swim.  Both of our kids are used to being around water and Rowan always uses his Stearns Puddle Jumpers. Kinsley is actually a great swimmer, so when I am in the pool, just does without.  By now, I’m sure you know where this is going….

We had a great day swimming and when it was time to go, Rowan got out with me, we dried off and started gathering our items up.  And as it goes, my eyes are off of him for a moment and that was all it took.  He went and jumped right back into that pool with no floatie on.  I saw right away and ran and jumped in after him.  It is for this reason it is imperative as a parent to be aware of where your children are.

Because when I tell you no one saw this other than me, I mean no one else saw.  Rowan jumped into the water between 4 other kids, less than 2 feet from other kids and not one of them saw it.  There were two other adults there and I was the only one that saw. I do not blame anyone else for this, it is just to be aware that even with extra sets of eyes, that is still my child. My whole world.  A source of happiness. Innocence. And more love than I could ever imagine.

Fortunately, Rowan is around water a lot and was already rolled over and kicking and when I grabbed him he was not coughing or gagging.  Things that would immediately tell me he inhaled a bunch of water.  The thing that was off though, was an hour and a half later his lips were still blue.  I got in touch with a friend that is a nurse practitioner and she recommended taking him to get checked.

Guys, I was a wreck.

All of the worst thoughts were flooding through my head. All I could think about were “secondary drowning” articles I had read on Facebook.  So here we were at 8 PM headed to the Emergency Department where I had to explain what had happened over and over and over again to about 15 different people.  Talk about Mom guilt.

After an x-ray and an overnight observation everything looked good for my little guy. It has definitely opened my eyes a little wider.  I wanted to be transparent with you all, because I love my kids with a fierceness that I am sure you all can relate to.  With it being summer time, stay alert and up your game, even if there are extra eyes.

These pictures of my little guy just break my heart. I am thankful for the team at the hospital that were kind and helpful to this weary mama. The pressure is real and I am so thankful to everyone that has reached out in support to help me realize I am not the only person that has ever gone through something like this!

Later Y’all,