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Top 10 beach day essentials for moms

Beach days are finally here!

Living in New England, we are basically limited to 3 months of summer/hot weather. June, July and August. That is pretty much it. We can be lucky in May or September with a few nice days, but it could be 90* one day and 40* the other. That is what we are dealing with right now. We have been so lucky this Spring with it being in the 70’s most of the month so we have been able to sneek in a couple beach days.

For my family this is the first real year that we are able to enjoy the beach. With Anna being almost 4 and Colton being 2 they can now play in the sand with each other and run in and out of the water without me being a mental wreck or someone eating WAY too much sand.

Staci and I (as some of you know from our last post) have been beachin’ it together. Number 1, let’s be honest… life is so much better and WAY easier with a friend. Two sets of MOM eyes 😉 just makes the atmosphere a little more relaxing. We are able to always car pool together, because we both have mini vans! So this past beach day we just would laugh because, between the 6 of us we have SO Much STUFFF.

You know when you take kids anywhere you have to pack as if the world is going to end, with extra clothes, snacks, diapers, wipes etc. etc. It’s insane and going to the beach is even more ridiculous.

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beach day essentials

  • Beach cart – one thing we do not have and are now seeing how much this would be helpful. There are just so many things to carry plus – little hands to hold, it would just be that much more helpful to have. So if you have a recommendation on a beach cart that you love, we would love to hear what it is!


  • fitted sheet – Now I say fitted sheet because this :

we found this idea from good housekeeping  on pinterest and let me tell you. What an amazing life hack. It is so         easy to set up, one person could even do it and it really cuts down the amount of sand that gets in a sandwich ;).       One of the kids ended up needing a diaper and this area was perfect. Free from sand and kept that sweet little bum ALMOST sand free! AMEN.


  • large cooler – we love our thirty one thermal totes. They are perfect for keeping all of our lunches cool for a longer period of time and they come in a few different sizes and styles.



  • Don’t forget the water bottles! Maybe even an extra or two. Kids always want what their Mama’s have and then we end up with nothing!

We love these ones!


  • easy to carry bags – we also do have the Thirty one, Large Utility tote that we love for carrying a lot of items at one time. It is big enough for all of our beach toys and a lunch box to fit into one bag. Throw that in a beach cart and that is easy traveling. Especially if you have to walk a little ways to find your perfect spot on the beach.

  • plenty of toys – and I say plenty, because first of all, you need to make sure you have a bucket and shovel for the amount of children you bring. You do not need any fighting over something as simple as this. Also there are a bunch of other children that may just come up to your space and want to play. So having a bit extra is never a bad thing.

Here are some of the ones we love :

  • beach tent

  • towels – honestly we had towels because, well, I feel its just a no brainer to bring them along. We didn’t even use them. What I do think would be helpful would be the towel poncho’s. Mainly so it is one less thing to carry or pack up when getting ready to leave. You can just throw the towel right on the child and it is hands free for them as well! Win, win!
  • extra bag to leave in the car – this one was certainly a mom win for me. I can remember going to the beach as a kid and my mom opening her trunk and washing my sisters and I off with water bottles and towels and changing us into a new set of clean clothes. AHH so refreshing and I did this exact thing for my kids. We brought everyone into the bathroom and Staci hosed them off under the sink HA! and I got them all dressed in their new clothes. We walked out of that bathroom (mostly) sand free and ready for a comfy ride home. Having that extra bag that stays IN THE CAR, so it isn’t getting sandy or wet is the best thing you can do! 🙂
  • An extra set of eyes. As I said above, Moms, lets be real here … this may just be the most important “essential” to have at the beach. It can be so stressful with kids, so at least if there is an extra set of eyes you are more guaranteed to be able to sit for maybe 5 minutes. HA!


what are some of your top beach day essentials that you cant be without!?