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Wonderland Playground – NH

The Wonderland playground in Windham, NH is one of our favorite spots to go. As moms we are always looking for fun places to take the kids, this place is quite the hidden gem.

Wonderland playground, Windham, NH.

This Windham playground is on the top of our favorite list.  It is surrounded with trees, is private and there is plenty of shade. It is also pretty quiet. This playground lets kids be creative while their imaginations run wild. The kids are basically playing in an 18th century wooden castle. There are tunnels, ‘secret’ stairways and multiple objects to climb. I feel like every time we go to the playground there is not an overwhelming amount of people so the kids have the whole place to themselves.  We always have a blast when we are here.

Sliding together at the Wonderland playground

This playground has 2 sets of swings. One swing set for the older children and one swing set for babies and toddlers. They’re on two different sides of the playground, which is nice so there aren’t any little ones running in front of the “big kid swings” trying to get on them.

Toddler swings are perfect for Anna and Colton - Wonderland playground

Bigger swingset at Windham playground


We just discovered a big scavenger hunt sign towards the back of the playground and decided to see if we could complete the challenge! The sign reads “SCAVENGER HUNT – FIND ALL THE LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET AND THE NUMBERS 1-10!”

scavenger hunt at Windham playground

How fun is this scavenger hunt! There are letters and numbers scattered all over the playground at all levels. It was so much fun hunting around. Anna was able to point out a few letters that she recognized. What a great time to throw in a fun learning lesson! Not only that, but we got Colton excited to search with us and we found that the letters and numbers are all different colors so he was able to get excited about finding the ‘green H’. We have not found all of the letters yet, but are going to try again the next time we go!

Now there are a couple of things that you should know before heading to this playground. It is ideal for walkers and beyond. While crawlers would be okay on the swings, there is not much more for them to do. The playground does have wood chips and I cant imagine that being to comfortable to crawl on. There is a port-a-potty at the entrance of the playground and there is also picnic tables. So plan accordingly,  pack a lunch and enjoy a peaceful morning/afternoon at the Windham playground.